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Writing journal #004
Your appetite is so dangerous.
Persona 4 - Index 
23 Sep 2009
Somewhere in my heart I'm inconsistent

All fics have Naoto spoilers. Any other in-game spoilers will be (hopefully) marked. For the sake of assumption, just about everything here has December and March spoilers. As most of these were written prior to the anime announcement, I use Seta rather than Narukami.

If a story you liked is suddenly not on the index, it's probably still floating around the community or somewhere on signalbeam. If you still can't find it, then check badbadbathhouse, since that's the spawning spot for just about everything I've written here. I also have my works up at AO3.

NC-17 works are under an adult content filter. If there's a story you think needs warnings, leave a comment and I'll get to it as soon as possible.

A Barrel in the Sea. PG-13 (sexuality).
Yukiko comes out to her parents. Cue: drama! Dojima houses her in Souji's old room, and Chie has childbearing hips. Chie/Yukiko. ~20,000 words.
part 1. | part 2. | part 3. | part 4. | part 5. | part 6. | part 7.

Born to Fly. PG-13/R (language; some sexual situations).
AU: One year with Shouko Seta. Genderswap. A retelling of the Persona 4 canon with a rash of deviations in the last third. Ensemble, with no real focus on romance. Series spoilers, for obvious reasons. ~40,000 words.
spring (april). | spring (may-june). | summer (july-september). | autumn (october). | autumn (november). | winter (december, march, august).

! Taking Flight. Various.
Filling in scenes from Born to Fly.
haunting (august). | wet (september). | beauty (october).

A Doll In His Hands. R (sexual situations).
AU: Souji's one hell of a mystery man, and his Shadow's a jerk and a half. Yosuke and the Investigation Team go through Souji's dungeon and must confront a side to their leader they'd rather not know about--and whether they know Souji as well as they thought they did. Souji/Yosuke with a side of Chie/Yukiko and Naoto/video games. Warning for suicide, consent issues, sexuality, and abusive relationships.
1. Multiple Choice. part 1. | part 2. | part 3. | part 4. | part 5. | part 6.
2. Fill In the Blank. part 1. | part 2. | part 3. | part 4. | part 5. | part 6. | part 7. | part 8.
3. Short Answer. part 1. | part 2 (end).

Predawn Girls. R (sexual themes).
AU: An all-female AU: Rumors floating around St Justine's School for Girls say that Sumi Seta is an arsonist, a thief, or maybe just a thug. Yoko Hanamura learns that the truth is sadly more lurid.
1. New Girls. | 2. New Girls (2) | 3. The Departed
4. The Ones Who Stay | 5. The Ones Who Go | 6. The Girl Who Returned
7. She's Not The Same. | 8. Women Who Hate | 9. The Predawn Girls

Quodlibet. R (language).
AU: The Investigation Team as the Band of Merry Investigators. Souji invites some girls to join the band. True to form, Yosuke freaks out. Crack-ish and strange. There may or may not be robots here. Ensemble. Yosuke/Yukiko+music + various other pairings. ~17,000 words.
part 1. | part 2. | final.

The World's Too Wide to Bring Me Round. PG.
Future-fic. A teenage Nanako comes out to Inaba, and a twenty-something Yosuke finds great merit in jamming his foot into his throat--especially as he comes to realize his feelings for Souji aren't so platonic as he thought they were. Ensemble. Multiple pairings. Aprox. 17,600 words.
part 1. | part 2.

All the Ships Are Lost on the River. PG-13 (language). Namatame, Teddie. Drinking at a bar and picking up chicks. Mild December spoilers.
And Gone Tomorrow. PG-13. Drama. Yukiko commits suicide. The rest of the team copes.
... and then I fed some cats. PG-13. Humor/Romance. Souji the space cadet has a girlfriend in the city, and he tells her everything. Everything.
Androgynous Battle Letter. G. Naoto, Chie. Declarations of friendship, war, and getting kicked between the legs. For the Auto-Shoujo Challenge.
Bloom in Snow. PG. Chie, Yukiko. Pre-game. Chie doesn't know what she wants to be, but it's clear that she's going to become awesome. Maybe. She thinks.
Fire and Brimstone. G. Sayoko, Souji. "You dream Sayoko was chasing you..."
Fly By Night. R. Girlji. AU: Girlji lets it slip that she had an ex. Everyone gets gossipy and protective. Mostly gossipy. Super spoiler-y.
It's Nostalgia. PG. Rise. Years later, Inaba calls her children home.
A Matter of Proof. G. Naoto(/Kanji), unnamed daughter. Future-fic. Naoto doesn't like her daughter's hat. Or the cross-dressing. But especially that hat.
Of Course I Forgive. NC-17 (sexuality). Angst. Multiple pairings. Souji comes back to Inaba post-bad end and finds his friends are becoming Shadows. December spoilers.
One More Day. PG-13. Souji. Souji and the end. True end/March spoilers.
Rings of Roses. PG-13. Revolutionary Girl Utena crossover. Utena series spoilers. Chie is the prince, Yukiko is the princess, and Souji is whoever you want him to bed. ... I mean, be.
The Shortest Way Home. NC-17. Yukiko. As it turns out, social linking with Souji might solve some of Yukiko’s problems, but sleeping with him won’t. Yukiko goes on a vacation in the city to test her limits.
Small Encounters. PG. Minako, Yukiko. P3/P4 crossover. A chance encounter leads to an odd idea planted into Yukiko's head.
... the sound will not be gentle enough. G. Chie, Yukiko. The night when the fog rolls in.
Stare at the Sun. G. Persona 4/Okami crossover. Spoilers for True End. Yukiko bonds with Amaterasu in the winter.
Surface Deep. PG. Gen. Rise returns to the idol business after Inaba, and meets Minako Aino, who is fighting evil by the moonlight has a double life of her own.
Underbelly. PG. AU: The Amagis are really a yakuza group.

Cruel to the Touch. PG. Souji, female!Minato. Spoilers for P3 and P4. She's a girl he's met once or twice before.
! Cruel to the Touch (the dementia remix). G. Souji, Yosuke. Crack-ish. Souji and his Canadian girlfriend.
Fact Checking. G. Humor. Naoto tries to figure out what everyone else's shadows were like.
Gaia Heart-shaped Shrine. G. Souji, Fox. The shrine gets another makeover. For the Auto-Shoujo Challenge.
Guns Blazing. G. Naoto, Chie. Naoto exercises her legal right to make tree houses shaped like whatever she wants.
I Have My Dead. G. Angst. Letters written from the Investigation Team to their parents.
Hours [A-side]. PG. Romance; various pairings. Sunday mornings, of the rare pairings variety.
! Minutes [B-side]. PG. Romance; various pairings.
My Dear Fruit Babylon. PG-13. Izanami, Souji. Everything falls. True end/March spoilers. For the Auto-Shoujo Challenge.
Small Things. G. Yosuke; Naoto; Chie; Yukiko. Accidents and memories and children.
Superimpose. PG. Angst-y. Yukiko as a Utena fan.
Someday, The Dream Will End. PG to R (violence). Angst. What happens when someone on the Team dies. December spoilers.
Tear the Wall Down. R (language). AU: What if the team's places were switched?

Are you there, God? It's me, Noriko. R. Souji grows a beard. Kashiwagi takes notice.
Best Baked Plans. PG. The Investigation Team runs into a trap Naoto's Shadow baked with SCIENCE.
The Butterfly and the Storm. R (sexuality). Everyone meets a genderbent version of themselves. Sexings follow.
Biology 22a. PG-13. "Everyone gets knocked up through magical buttsex."
The Girl Who Launched A Thousand Ships. PG-13. Girl!ji is secretly a huge fan of yuri. Yosuke makes the mistake of asking her thoughts on shipping.
He Says It to All the Girls. PG-13. Souji and Yosuke have sex. In the afterglow, Souji explains some game mechanics in the meta way.
Hobby Horse. PG. Seven times Souji thought his friends had questionable hobbies, and one time that Yosuke questioned his.
Idol Apocalypse Passion. PG. "SENPAI IF U OPEN TEH MAGAZINE ILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU ): ): ): ): ):" For the Auto-Shoujo Challenge.
In an instant, and then never again. G. YUKIKO IS DRIVING.
RSVP. PG-13. Persona 3/Persona 4 crossover. Naoto/Mitsuru. Mitsuru has a Thing for pretty boys with guns.
Sea of the Unconscious. PG-13. AU: The Investigation Team is possessed by Personae instead of summoning them. Yosuke brings Yukiko a horse. No one is amused.
Secret Event: January 14, 2012. R (sexuality). Meta!fic. Souji fills out the badbadbathhouse.
! Playlog: Quest 52. R (sexuality). Sequel to Secret Event. Souji fills out more requests.
Secret Event: October 5, 2012. PG-13. Celebrating Nanako's birthday--a day late.
Q&A. PG. Souji answers the question of why Souji/Yosuke is so popular in the meta way.
Renovations. PG. Persona 3 crossover. Margaret, Theo, and Elizabeth. They were supposed to make a new Velvet Room. Instead, they're sitting around in a hot tub.
Vanishing Trick. PG. AU: yakuzAmagi, the crack version.

It Hasn't Taught You When to Quit. R (sexuality). Drama. Naoto, late nights at the office, and Adachi.

Open/Shut Case. PG-13. Naoto is in a compromising situation. Chie walks in.

All the Life You Have Left. PG-13. Drama. Shadow!Chie waits for Shadow!Yukiko to return to the castle.
But Still Is True. NC-17 (sexuality). Drama. The drinks at Club Escapade were spiked, but not with alcohol. The resulting night at Shirakawa Boulevard complicates Chie and Yukiko's relationship with each other, and the next day there are things to clean up. Various things.
Carry Me Home. R (sexuality). Angst. AU: three encounters after Yukiko runs away from Inaba in 2020.
Cognitive Dissonance. R (sexuality). Humor. Chie and Yukiko have plans. Yosuke has interruptions.
Come Back to Where We Stood. PG-13. Drama/Angst. Pre-game. Yukiko and Chie try to run away together.
Deconstruction. PG. Humor. Making sense of the difference between now and then--with cake.
Divine Intervention. PG. Humor. Yosuke tries to set Chie and Yukiko up. He succeeds. Kind of.
The Epic Tale of Princess Chie and the Kingdom of Snow. PG. Meta/Humor. Fairy tales, bedtime stories, and role reversals.
Goes Down Alone. NC-17. Angst. A bad day in the TV leads to sex and an awkward morning after.
Harbors of My Own. PG-13. Moving into an apartment in the city some years later. Settling in and settling down.
Intimidation Tactics. PG. Crack. Yukiko is a yandere and the only thing keeping Inaba safe is Chie.
No One Can See Us. NC-17. Chie and Yukiko find some privacy in a love hotel in Okina City. Well, privacy is privacy.
... on silent haunches, and then moves on. PG. Fluff. Pre-game. Practicing for the real thing.
Paint the Past. NC-17. Angst machine. Yukiko has debts to repay. Chie knows how to collect.
Principles of Identity. NC-17. Shameless porn. Background Souji/Yosuke. A freak accident in Naoto's labs result in a four way bodyswap. Chie and Yukiko encounter some... problems in their new bodies. Clearly sex is the solution.
A Tent Divided. NC-17. Shameless porn. During the camping trip, Souji and Yosuke have sex in the tent. Chie and Yukiko follow suit.
thirty-two degrees. PG. Fluff. Napping together in the summertime.
Threadbare. PG. Fluff. For the exchanging clothes challenge.
When I Was Drinking. NC-17. Smut. Gender swap. Chiaki and Yuuki are getting it on.
! When I Was With You. NC-17. Smut. Yukiko wakes up.
Which Of These Blessings Are Killing Me. PG. Humor. They don't know that their parents know.
Why Not Surrender? PG. Fluff. The tables are turned, and now Yukiko's the one dealing with a drunk Chie.

Let This Love Go. NC-17 (sexuality). Drama. They're together because that's what they're supposed to do. Too bad they're both gay.
Too Deep to Clear Away. R (sexuality). Chie and Yosuke go camping together on Inaba’s mountains and bond over their mutual heterosexuality and pornographic martial arts movies.

Photograph of Master Blue. PG-13. Humor, Fluff. Rise, a camera, and two rolls of film.
Violence and Consequence. PG-13. Humor. Kanji and Naoto don't like it when people make Rise cry.

Flowers Fall With the Rain. R (sexuality). Angst. Years later, single, enormously conflicted, and determined to not embarrass herself, Yukiko finds herself pursued by, of all people, Nanako Dojima.
Dry Leaves In the Wind. PG-13. Angst. As Yukiko and Nanako's relationship progresses, the secrecy and uncertainty begin to set Yukiko off-balance.

The World Inverted. PG-13. Romance. Naoto broods all detectively and Rise goads her into going on a date.

Ultimate Showdown! Super Featherman Red and Super Feathergirl Pink's Date with Destiny! PG. Fluff. It's Halloween in Inaba.

Taking Comfort. R (sexuality). Humor, Fluff. Future-ish fic. Souji's favorite cat has a mission: Kanji is not allowed to get laid. Ever.

Magician, Rank 10. PG. AU: If Yosuke was the leader.

Hexagonal. NC-17. PWP. Chie, Yosuke, and Kou have a threesome. Meanwhile, everyone's thinking of someone else.
The Long Slide. NC-17 (sexuality). Humor. Chie, a fantasy, and her hand.
03 Jun 2010 (UTC)
Holy shit, you weren't kidding when you said you'd written a fuckton of P4 fic.

...brb finishing the game.
03 Jun 2010 (UTC)
Go back to your tennis journal, Heidi. :|

The worst part is, this isn't everything I've written. It's just everything that I don't mind showing to the world.
22 Nov 2010 (UTC)
...There are several things that are blocked.
EVEN IF IT MAKES ME PERVERTED I'm kind of sad they are.
24 Nov 2010 (UTC)
... There, there? XD I'm sure there are a lot of different ways to increase your perversity stat. Ohohoho.
24 Nov 2010 (UTC)
LOL. I'm not sure if I want to. OTL But thanks?
05 Jul 2011 (UTC)
HI this is a random comment but i guess this is the best place to drop it, all things considered.

so i just spent the past few days raiding your entire p4 and p3 collection. would it be unethical or awkward (or maybe a mix of both) for me to ask for your hand in marriage? each story was as good as the last and you even got me to read some of my lesser favorite pairings (o hai souji/yosuke) just because i knew you would show me some good in them, and that you did. :'| and of course it was like a fucking goldmine for anything and everything chie/yukiko which is my p4 ship to rule them all so yeah. you are a beautiful human being.

just letting you know that i've bookmarked this journal and will proceed to follow it and breathe heavily over future entries! it makes me sad to see that you don't get as many comments on these fics as you really deserve but something tells me you are appreciated. i'm just the asshole who floundered up here to let you know that in the form of a hideous and terrifying lj comment.

you have successfully inspired me to play it again for funsies and maybe even contribute to the fandom somehow! via writing or sloppily sketches i don't even know but i don't curr.

ANYHOW yes. you have made me a very happy fangirl. thanks for all the lovely writing! i look forward to smashing my face on anything you try next. chip chop cheerrriooooo
06 Jul 2011 (UTC)
A-aw, thank you for the kind words! And. haha, it'd be awkward to ask for my hand in marriage, but certainly not unethical!

... Your comment is so long that I'm a little .//. about how to respond, but thank you for taking the time to drop a word. Can't wait to see your writings or sloppy sketches. Ohohoho~
06 Jul 2011 (UTC)
LMFAO no it's okay, i was facecreaking at the length of my comment too but i didn't want to skimp on my words and just leave a, "read your shit, it is cash" kind of comment so...i guess i settled for rambling a bit.

keep your eyes peeled on the p4 icon comm too! i swear to god with all the pics i have in my growing p4 folder i should be able to cap it off to be about...100 or so pixelated goodies. aww yissss.
23 Oct 2013 (UTC) - oh my god i love you
I just
I can't
I remember reading a whole bunch of your stuff on the kink meme, and just loving each and every one of your stories. I am so glad I found this post, and so glad I found you, and so glad that I am here right now.
thank you so much for being alive oh my god.
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